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Introduction - Welcome To Building O Gauge Online

Hello and welcome to our website. If you are a 7mm modeller this website probably doesn't require any further explanation, if you are from one of the other scales or just interested in railways, please stay a while and have a look around.

This site was launched in 2004 primarily as a method of exchanging pictures between myself and a few friends. Since then it has evolved into what you see here today, a showcase of locomotives and rolling stock in 1:43 (7mm) scale, constructed with an emphasis on accuracy and detail.

The descriptions and images contained within this site are not meant to replace the instructions included with the various kits, they should be used in conjunction with the manufacturers instructions. Where a departure from the instructions has been made it is usually for convenience or to customise a particular aspect of the model being built. The locomotives and rolling stock presented here are all built and mostly owned by either myself, Dave or Christian.  Most of what you see is built to run on our own layouts and to fit the time frames that interest us. Where any of us has been commissioned to build an item for someone else, the build process is included as for our own stock and to provide some diversity, you also get to see your model being built!

 Unless otherwise stated all pictures on this website are of 7mm scale models